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Because the top-down approach begins at the top, the first step is to determine the world economy's health. This is done by analysing not only the developed countries but also emerging countries. A quick way to determine an economy's health is to look at gross domestic product (GDP) growth over the past few years and the estimates going forward. Often, the emerging market countries will have the best growth numbers when compared

About Us

About Us

Since 2013 JAB SPECULATE LLC ("JAB") has offered professional money management to institutions and high net worth individuals by trading futures markets around the world. Our primary objective is to provide our investors long-term capital appreciation with very low correlation to traditional investments. JAB SPECULATE LLC is very exclusive and will only cater for a maximum of 50 private individuals and institutions.

Trading Methodology

JAB's trading methodology is a systematic approach blending long-term trend following, short-term trend following, short-term momentum and mean reversion strategies. Each strategy is further divided into sub-systems to facilitate smoother entries and exits. We have also implemented filtering techniques in some strategies to avoid trades with adverse risk/reward characteristics. While the filter's goal is to capture profits, its selectiveness allows the system to enter markets only during periods when the risk/reward of a trade is heavily in the trade's favour. It is even possible that if unacceptable risk characteristics exist, the filter could avoid trades with positive profit expectations. The end result is a trading method that has historically provided our investors exceptional returns with low correlation to stock and bond investments.

Research and Modifications

JAB SPECULATE LLC attributes its exceptional performance to superior research methods. All the models tested are robust with very few degrees of freedom/parameters. Many proprietary statistical techniques are examined including analysing multiple time period subsets, market-by-market as well as sector analysis and correlation, risk/reward analyses, parameter degradation studies, slippage analysis, and drawdown analysis. An independent research team develops and tests systems and then trade projects and cross-check all results using different research platforms. Experience helps in developing a successful trading system. The most common and most dangerous error made in system development is curve fitting. One thing we have learned over the last years of trading is that curve fitting cannot be understood by theory alone. There are many statistical traps that can only be learned by trading systems real-time. Statistics require many assumptions.

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